Our Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach

Detail oriented


From meticulous management of facility details and on-site coordination, we ensure every detail is looked after. Managing your event using a strategic overall plan and a methodical management approach allows you to rest easy. Knowing that every last detail is looked after will allow you to focus on your attendees and stakeholders at the event. Let us look after the rest.

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Mission Provide Best Events Planing For Everyone.

Maintains a highly trained, qualified and experienced workforce.

Health and Safety


HomelandItoya Events recognizes that it has responsibilities for the health and safety of our workforce whilst at work and others who could be affected by our work activities. By using systematic planning processes, our event managers can identify potential hazards, determine risks and then eliminate them or minimize their impact.

This will be achieved by;

  • Providing leadership and adequate control of identified health and safety risks; 
  • Consulting with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety; 
  • Providing and maintaining safe equipment; 
  • Ensuring the safe handling and use of of all our equipment; 
  • Providing information, instruction, training where necessary for our workforce, taking account of any who do not have English as a first language; 
  • Ensuring that all workers are competent to do their work, and giving them appropriate training; 
  • Preventing accidents and cases of work-related ill health; 
  • Actively managing and supervising health and safety at work; 
  • Providing the necessary and mandatory safety ware for our employees.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We have different types of PPE to be worn in specific locations.Our PPE’s include: hearing protection (ear protection (riggers gloves), height safety (harness and lanyard, falls restraint, falls arrest), respiratory protection, eye protection (goggles, face shields), skin protection (sun scream, wide brim hat).

High Visibility Vests

  • Loading and unloading vehicles. 
  • Areas with vehicle movement. 
  • Bump in and bump out of outdoor venues

Safety Boots

  • Bump in and out activities on the stage and outdoor venues. 
  • Production related manual handling tasks in all areas such as the movement of equipment, scenery builds, lighting installs. 
  • Loading and unloading vehicles. 
  • Working around vehicle movement.

Hard Hats

  • Rigging 
  • Working at height 
  • Bump in and out activities on stage